If a crime was committed in a fictional town, Petra Buckova would be the detective, the ruling queen, an intriguing stranger or even the suspect themselves, brought to life by the actress' gifted sense of self-irony. Having a certain French air about her, she is also often cast to play a lover, a wife or a seductress. Her real passion, however, is for more unconventional characters. If she could choose, Heath Ledger's 'Joker' would be her first choice.

Like many born under communist rule, Petra, a Czechoslovakian child with Slovak-Hungarian roots, grew up in a time of change, so she is used to pushing the boundaries, both professional and personal. No stone has ever been left unturned.

In theatre, she has performed in leading roles spanning from classics like Shakespeare's Juliette and Lady Macbeth or Chekhov's Ranevskaya, to Lula in an adaptation of Barry Gifford's 'Wild at Heart' and Sarah Kane's '4.48 Psychosis'.

She graduated with a Master's Degree in Dramatic Acting (MA) at the Academy of Performing Arts in Brno (JAMU) and has worked in the city's leading playhouses including Divadlo Petra Bezruce, National Theatre Brno, Centre for Experimental Theatre, HaDivadlo, to finally be offered a permanent engagement from the late Vaclav Havel's flagship Prague playhouse Divadlo na Zábradlí. The theatre's long-running play 'The Golden Sixties' was also awarded the Radok National Award for Best Play in 2013.

Her rich experience in theatre has since attracted the attention of the film and television industry. The actress recently took on roles in Niki Caro's The Zookeeper's Wife and the recent Julius Sevcik film The Glass Room as well as television productions including a prominent role in Czech series The Zodiac Murders and upcoming Amazon fantasy series Carnival Row. She's also taken on supporting roles in German and Austrian productions including television series Brecht and feature film Home is Here.

With her diverse cultural background, Petra also has an ear for accents and languages. She regularly speaks and plays in English and occasionally in German and French.

While always fully immersing herself in her work (and being a scuba diver in real life), she's also learnt the value of coming up for air. Through her creativity, Petra constantly questions the world around her, and existence itself.


Height: 174 cm (5,7 ft)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown

Czech (native)
English (fluent)
French (upper intermediate)
German (intermediate)



Knightfall II. (EN) Guest Star/History Channel
Haunted (EN) -dir. Jan Pavlacky -Guest Star/NETFLIX
Carnival Row (EN)-dir. Jon Amiel -Featured/AMAZON
Glass Room (EN) -dir. Julius Sevcik -Featured/IN Film Prague
Bauhaus (DE) - dir. Gregor Schnitzler -featured/UFA Fiction
Brecht (DE) -dir. Heinrich Breloer -Supporting/ZDF
Specialisté II. (CZ)-dir. Lukáš Hanulák -Guest Star/TV Nova
Genius (EN) -dir. Ron Howard -Co Star/National Geographic

The Zookeeper´s Wife(EN) - dir. Niky Caro -Featured/Scion Films

Home is here(DE) - dir. Tereza Kotyk -Supporting/KGP Gabriele Krazenbilder Production

Modrý kód I., II. (CZ) -dir. Vojtěch Moravec - Recurring (PrimaTV)
Polda (CZ) -dir. Jaroslav Fuit- Guest Star (PrimaTV)
Clay´s P.O.V. (EN) -dir. Paul Donovan (Canadian TV serie)
Pohádky pro Emu (CZ) -dir. Rudolf Havlík -Supporting (Fénix Film)
The First Key (CZ/EN) - dir. Keoni Waxman -supporting (Alpha Hollywood Studios)
Murders in Circle (CZ) - dir. Ivan Pokorný – Guest Star (Ceska Televize)
Policie Modrava (CZ) -dir. Jaroslav Soukup -Co Star (TV Nova)
Krimi Angel (CZ) - dir. Ivan Pokorný - Co Star/Ceska Televize
P. Juráček: The Golden Sixties or Diaries of Pavel J. - dir. Jan Mikulášek – Lead - Na zábradlí - Radok Award Best Performance 2013
W.Shakespeare: Macbeth - dir. Martin Františák – Lead – Theatre Petra Bezruče
W.Shakespeare: Othello (EN)- dir. Guy, Bill Roberts -Principal -Prague Shakespeare Company
B. Gifford: Wild At Heart - dir. Jan Mikulášek – Lead -Theatre Petra Bezruče
Jean Claude Carriére: The Discreet Charm of Bourgeoisie – dir. Jan Mikulášek - Lead -Na zábradlí - Salzburger Festspiele 2013
H.P. Roché: Jules and Jim - dir. Anna Petrželková – Lead -National Theatre Reduta Brno
A.P. Čechov: The Cherry Orchard - dir. Jan Mikulášek – Lead –Husa na provázku
Sarah Kane: 4:48 Psychosis - dir. Filip Nuckolls – Lead –HaDivadlo
Procházková / J. Procházka: The Ear – dir. Ondřej Elbel – Lead –HaDivadlo
HaDivadloF.M. Dostojevskij: A Gentle Creature - dir. Ivo Krobot – Lead -U stolu -Best Actress Award Koprivnice
Tankred Dorst: Fernando Krapp wrote me a letter - dir. Jolana Kubíková – Lead -Theatre Studio Marta - Best actress nomination Encounter 2005
MA in Dramatic Acting  -Janáček Academy of Music and Perfoming Arts
Film Acting and Auditioning Masterclass -Nancy Bishop, CSA
Acting for Film and TV Workshop -Tom Logan, DGA
Business of Showbusiness - Tom Logan, DGA
Advanced on Camera Film and TV Workshop -Tom Logan, DGA
Dustin Hoffman Masterclass -Online Training
Diplom Medical Clown -Steibnis University, Berlin
Scuba diving (PADI Open Water Diver), voice talent (Radio, Voiceover -Best Actress Nomination for Invisible Actor 2013 and 2016), comedy skills, slapstick, basic firearms for actors training, basic combat and stage fight training, flexibility (hypermobile), basic acrobatics, dance, pilates, swimming, fitness, cross-country skiing, scythe grass cutting, good ear for accents.

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